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BCSU05-0500Non-sterile calf serum500 ml111€Details
CAPE07-0100Non-sterile canine plasma with EDTA100 ml227€Details
CAPE07-0500Non-sterile canine plasma with EDTA500 ml473€Details
CAPH07-0100Non-sterile canine plasma with heparin100 ml227€Details
CAPH07-0500Non-sterile canine plasma with heparin500 ml473€Details
CAPC07-0100Non-sterile canine plasma with sodium citrate100 ml227€Details
CAPC07-0500Non-sterile canine plasma with sodium citrate500 ml473€Details
CAS05-0100Non-sterile canine serum100 ml211€Details
CAS05-0500Non-sterile canine serum500 ml429€Details
CS05-0100Non-sterile chicken serum100 ml105€Details
CS05-0500Non-sterile chicken serum500 ml134€Details
CMPE07-0050Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey plasma with EDT50 ml724€Details
CMPE07-0500Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey plasma with EDTA500 ml0€Details
CMPE07-0100Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey plasma with EDTA100 ml1117€Details
CMPH07-0500Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey plasma with heparin500 ml0€Details
CMPH07-0050Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey plasma with heparin50 ml724€Details
CMPH07-0100Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey plasma with heparin100 ml1117€Details
CMPC07-0500Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey plasma with sodium citrate500 ml0€Details
CMPC07-0050Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey plasma with sodium citrate50 ml724€Details
CMPC07-0100Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey plasma with sodium citrate100 ml1117€Details
CMS05-0500Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey serum500 ml0€Details
CMS05-0050Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey serum50 ml609€Details
CMS05-0100Non-sterile Cynomolgus monkey serum100 ml954€Details
DS05-0100Non-sterile donkey serum100 ml106€Details
DS05-0500Non-sterile donkey serum500 ml128€Details
ES05-0100Non-sterile equine serum100 ml106€Details
ES05-0500Non-sterile equine serum500 ml128€Details
FPE07-0100Non-sterile feline plasma with EDTA100 ml370€Details
FPE07-0500Non-sterile feline plasma with EDTA500 ml866€Details
FPH07-0100Non-sterile feline plasma with heparin100 ml370€Details
FPH07-0500Non-sterile feline plasma with heparin500 ml866€Details
FPC07-0100Non-sterile feline plasma with sodium citrate100 ml370€Details
FPC07-0500Non-sterile feline plasma with sodium citrate500 ml866€Details
FS05-0100Non-sterile feline serum100 ml338€Details
FS05-0500Non-sterile feline serum500 ml1008€Details
GPE07-0100Non-sterile goat plasma with EDTA100 ml109€Details
GPE07-0500Non-sterile goat plasma with EDTA500 ml135€Details
GPH07-0100Non-sterile goat plasma with heparin100 ml109€Details
GPH07-0500Non-sterile goat plasma with heparin500 ml135€Details
GPC07-0100Non-sterile goat plasma with sodium citrate100 ml109€Details
GPC07-0500Non-sterile goat plasma with sodium citrate500 ml135€Details
GS05-0100Non-sterile goat serum100 ml106€Details
GS05-0500Non-sterile goat serum500 ml128€Details
GPPE07-0050Non-sterile guinea pig plasma with EDTA50 ml178€Details
GPPE07-0100Non-sterile guinea pig plasma with EDTA100 ml223€Details
GPPE07-0500Non-sterile guinea pig plasma with EDTA500 ml571€Details
GPPH07-0050Non-sterile guinea pig plasma with heparin50 ml178€Details
GPPH07-0100Non-sterile guinea pig plasma with heparin100 ml223€Details
GPPH07-0500Non-sterile guinea pig plasma with heparin500 ml571€Details
GPPC07-0050Non-sterile guinea pig plasma with sodium citrate50 ml178€Details
GPPC07-0100Non-sterile guinea pig plasma with sodium citrate100 ml223€Details
GPPC07-0500Non-sterile guinea pig plasma with sodium citrate500 ml571€Details
GPS05-0050Non-sterile guinea pig serum50 ml167€Details
GPS05-0100Non-sterile guinea pig serum100 ml207€Details
GPS05-0500Non-sterile guinea pig serum500 ml473€Details
HAPE07-050Non-sterile hamster plasma with EDTA50 ml203€Details
HAPE07-0100Non-sterile hamster plasma with EDTA100 ml271€Details
HAPE07-0500Non-sterile hamster plasma with EDTA500 ml670€Details
HAPH07-0050Non-sterile hamster plasma with heparin50 ml203€Details
HAPH07-0100Non-sterile hamster plasma with heparin100 ml271€Details
HAPH07-0500Non-sterile hamster plasma with heparin500 ml670€Details
HAPC07-0100Non-sterile hamster plasma with sodium citrat100 ml271€Details
HAPC07-0050Non-sterile hamster plasma with sodium citrate50 ml203€Details
HAPC07-0500Non-sterile hamster plasma with sodium citrate500 ml670€Details
HAS05-0050Non-sterile hamster serum50 ml189€Details
HAS05-0100Non-sterile hamster serum100 ml250€Details
HAS05-0500Non-sterile hamster serum500 ml517€Details
MPE07-0050Non-sterile mouse plasma with EDTA50 ml178€Details
MPE07-0100Non-sterile mouse plasma with EDTA100 ml227€Details
MPE07-0500Non-sterile mouse plasma with EDTA500 ml547€Details
MPH07-0050Non-sterile mouse plasma with heparin50 ml178€Details
MPH07-0100Non-sterile mouse plasma with heparin100 ml227€Details
MPH07-0500Non-sterile mouse plasma with heparin500 ml547€Details
MPC07-0050Non-sterile mouse plasma with sodium citrate50 ml178€Details
MPC07-0100Non-sterile mouse plasma with sodium citrate100 ml227€Details
MPC07-0500Non-sterile mouse plasma with sodium citrate500 ml547€Details
MS05-0050Non-sterile mouse serum50 ml167€Details
MS05-0100Non-sterile mouse serum100 ml189€Details
MS05-0500Non-sterile mouse serum500 ml367€Details
NBU05-0100Non-sterile newborn calf serum100 ml97€Details
NBU05-0500Non-sterile newborn calf serum500 ml114€Details
PS05-0100Non-sterile porcine serum100ml111€Details
PS05-0500Non-sterile porcine serum500 ml137€Details
RPE07-0100Non-sterile rabbit plasma with EDTA100 ml114€Details
RPE07-0500Non-sterile rabbit plasma with EDTA500 ml168€Details
RPH07-0100Non-sterile rabbit plasma with hepari100 ml114€Details
RPH07-0500Non-sterile rabbit plasma with heparin500 ml168€Details
RPC07-0100Non-sterile rabbit plasma with sodium citrate100 ml114€Details
RPC07-0500Non-sterile rabbit plasma with sodium citrate500 ml168€Details
RS05-0100Non-sterile rabbit serum100 ml111€Details
RS05-0500Non-sterile rabbit serum500ml137€Details
RTPE07-0050Non-sterile rat plasma with EDTA50 ml178€Details
RTPE07-0100Non-sterile rat plasma with EDTA100 ml227€Details
RTPE07-0500Non-sterile rat plasma with EDTA500 ml408€Details
RTPH07-0050Non-sterile rat plasma with heparin50 ml178€Details
RTPH07-0100Non-sterile rat plasma with heparin100 ml227€Details
RTPH07-0500Non-sterile rat plasma with heparin500 ml408€Details
RTPC07-0050Non-sterile rat plasma with sodium citrate50 ml178€Details
RTPC07-0100Non-sterile rat plasma with sodium citrate100 ml227€Details
RTPC07-0500Non-sterile rat plasma with sodium citrate500 ml408€Details
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