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Catalog noProduct nameSizePrice 
3900-500-1510 x REC Buffer 151 ml91€Details
4680-096-03100 mM DEA200 µl98€Details
4150-010-02100 mM MgCl21 ml91€Details
4671-096-0610X Activated DNA300 µl157€Details
4830-01-210X Binding Buffer10 ml87€Details
4830-250-210X Binding Buffer2 x 10 ml111€Details
4892-010-0210X Calcein AM DW Buffer200 ml98€Details
3455-096-0510X Cell Dissociation Solution2 x 1.5 ml111€Details
3455-096-0310X Coating Solution1 ml79€Details
3550-096-0110X EB Formation Matrix1.1 ml315€Details
4671-096-0310X PARP Cocktail300 µl275€Details
4870-50010X PBS500 ml91€Details
4870-500-610X PBS Buffer, pH 7.46 x 500 ml230€Details
6300-100-0210X Reaction Buffer2 x 30 ml137€Details
3900-500-1010X REC Buffer 101 ml91€Details
3900-500-0410X REC Buffer 41 ml91€Details
3900-500-0610X REC Buffer 61 ml91€Details
3500-096-0110X Spheroid Formation Matrix600 µl315€Details
3500-096-SP10X Spheroid Formation Matrix and Plate96 assays339€Details
3500-096-IP10x Spheroid Invasion Matrix and Plate96 assays339€Details
4671-096-0410X Strep-Diluent2.0 ml98€Details
4817-60-0210X TdT Labeling Buffer20 ml77€Details
4817-60-0310X TdT Stop Buffer20 ml77€Details
4667-50-03200 mM 3-Aminobenzamide60 µl143€Details
4250-050-04200 mM EDTA, pH 1012.5 ml98€Details
3450-048-FL200X FITC Lectin & Diluent50 µl & 400 µl92€Details
4684-096-0220mM NAD300 µl91€Details
4671-096-0220X PARP Buffer500 µl104€Details
4254-200-0120X Staining Reagent #11.2 ml98€Details
4254-200-0220X Staining Reagent #21.2 ml98€Details
3455-024-0124 Insert Cell Invasion/Migration Plates2 plates225€Details
3455-096-0425X Cell Wash Buffer2 x 1.5 ml111€Details
3950-040-0125X FLARE Buffer 140 ml111€Details
4868-50025X PBS500 ml75€Details
4868-500-0625X PBS6 x 500 ml177€Details
3447-020-013-D Collagen I Rat Tail20 ml243€Details
3448-020-CH3-D Culture Cell Harvest Buffers (3448-020-01 & 3448-020-02)100 ml each151€Details
3448-020-CL3-D Culture Cell Loading Buffers (3448-020-03 & 3448-020-04)10 ml / 1 ml92€Details
3445-096-023-D Culture Cell Proliferation Reagent3 ml134€Details
3446-005-013-D Culture Laminin I30 mg873€Details
3445-096-CP3-D Culture Matrix BME Coated 96 Well Plate1 plate434€Details
3448-020-K3D Culture Cell Harvesting Kit20 tests211€Details
4150-010-0350 mM MnCl21 ml91€Details
3455-096-025X BME Solution1 ml87€Details
3457-096-025X Collagen I Solution1 ml177€Details
3458-096-025X Collagen IV Solution1 ml177€Details
9850-250-65X Orange G Loading Buffer6 x 250 µl137€Details
4380-096-K8-oxo-dG ELISA Kit II96 samples1199€Details
4380-192-K8-oxo-dG ELISA Kit II2 x 96 samples1622€Details
4253-096-0396-Well Cometslides1 slide104€Details
4677-096-P96-Well Histone Coated Plate (stripwell) (natural)1 plate124€Details
4678-096-P96-Well Histone Coated Plate (stripwell) (white)each124€Details
3450-048-09AngioRack48 ptn/ each209€Details
4835-01-1Annexin V Biotin125 µl351€Details
4835-250-1Annexin V Biotin2 x 125 µl435€Details
4835-01-KAnnexin V Biotin Kit125 samples381€Details
4835-250-KAnnexin V Biotin Kit250 samples465€Details
4830-01-1Annexin V FITC125 µl351€Details
4830-250-1Annexin V FITC2 x 125 µl435€Details
4830-01-KAnnexin V FITC Kit125 samples381€Details
4830-250-KAnnexin V FITC Kit250 samples465€Details
4354-MC-050Anti-8-oxo-dG Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 2E2)50 µl592€Details
2282-MC-100Anti-Bax Monoclonal Antibody (Clone YTH-2D2)100 µg421€Details
2281-MC-100Anti-Bax Monoclonal Antibody (Clone YTH-6A7)100 µg421€Details
2300-MC-100Anti-Bcl-XL Monoclonal Antibody (Clone YTH-2H12)100 µg421€Details
4360-MC-100Anti-BPDE Monoclonal Antibody (Clone 8E11)100 µg494€Details
4828-30-06anti-BrdU antibody30 µl203€Details
2305-PC-100Anti-Cleaved-Caspase-3 PC100 µl460€Details
2305-PC-020Anti-Cleaved-Caspase-3 PC Sample20 µl151€Details
4335-MC-01K-ACAnti-PAR Monoclonal Antibody1000 µl2955€Details
4335-MC-100-ACAnti-PAR Monoclonal Antibody w/Control100 µl388€Details
4335-MC-100Anti-PAR Monoclonal Antibody w/o Control100 µl388€Details
4336-BPC-100Anti-PAR Polyclonal Antibody (Rabbit)100 µl460€Details
4338-MC-50Anti-PARP Monoclonal Antibody (Clone C2-10)50 µg302€Details
4418-APC-020Anti-phos histone H2AX20 ul151€Details
5517-001-01APE1 Knock Down Cell Line (MTA Required prior to shipment)1 vial1226€Details
5518-001-01APE2 Knock Down Cell Line (MTA Required prior to shipment)1 vial1226€Details
4869-500Apoptosis Grade Water500 ml77€Details
4869-500-6Apoptosis Grade Water6 x 500 ml190€Details
4336-100-02Biotin(Terminal)-PAR100 µl341€Details
4670-500-01Biotinylated NAD500 µl434€Details
4820-30-13Blue Counterstain50 ml98€Details
4800-30-BLBlue Label and Diluent (4800-30-11 & 4800-30-12)30 samples117€Details
4800-30-BCBlue Label Conversion Kit30 samples137€Details
4800-30-12Blue Strep-HRP Diluent7.5 ml85€Details
4360-096-KBPDE Competitive ELISA96 samples698€Details
5502-001-01BRCA1 Knock Down Cell Line (MTA Required prior to shipment)1 vial1226€Details
4892-010-01Calcein AM50ug209€Details
4892-010-KCalcein AM Cell Viability Assay Kit1000 tests289€Details
9600-5-DCalf Thymus DNA5 x 1 ml164€Details
4827-30-KCardioTACS Kit30 samples507€Details
3455-096-01Cell Invasion Chambereach249€Details
4810-90-09Cobalt Cation3 x 30 µl91€Details
4252-040-ESKCometAssay 20 Well ES Starter Kit1 system2583€Details
4252-040-ESK-PS2CometAssay 20 Well ES Starter Kit plus Power Supply for EU (except UK & Switzerland)-3171€Details
4252-040-ESK-PS1CometAssay 20 Well ES Starter Kit plus Power Supply for North America-3171€Details
4252-040-ESK-PS4CometAssay 20 Well ES Starter Kit plus Power Supply for Switzerland-3171€Details
4252-040-ESK-PS3CometAssay 20 Well ES Starter Kit plus Power Supply for UK-3171€Details
4253-096-ESKCometAssay 96 Well ES Starter Kit1 system2583€Details
4253-096-ESK-PS2CometAssay 96 Well ES Starter Kit plus Power Supply for EU (except UK & Switzerland)-3171€Details
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