Akro Albumins and cell culture

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AK8267-0025 rHu Myostatin-P 25ug 411€ Details
AK8267-0100 rHu Myostatin-P 100ug 1249€ Details
AK8267-1000 rHu Myostatin-P 1mg 8218€ Details
AK8279-0005 rHu NGF-beta 5ug 195€ Details
AK8279-0020 rHu NGF-beta 20ug 411€ Details
AK8279-0100 rHu NGF-beta 100ug 987€ Details
AK8279-1000 rHu NGF-beta 1mg 4642€ Details
AK8528-0010 rHu NRG-1 10ug 182€ Details
AK8528-0050 rHu NRG-1 50ug 388€ Details
AK8528-1000 rHu NRG-1 1mg 2184€ Details
AK8543-0002 rHu NT-3 2ug 182€ Details
AK8543-0010 rHu NT-3 10ug 388€ Details
AK8543-1000 rHu NT-3 1mg 7688€ Details
AK9083-0002 rHu Omentin 2ug 195€ Details
AK9083-0010 rHu Omentin 10ug 411€ Details
AK9083-0100 rHu Omentin 100ug 1249€ Details
AK9083-1000 rHu Omentin 1mg 7197€ Details
AK8531-0002 rHu OSM 2ug 182€ Details
AK8531-0010 rHu OSM 10ug 388€ Details
AK8531-1000 rHu OSM 1mg 7382€ Details
AK8274-0002 rHu PDGF BB (Yeast) 2ug 200€ Details
AK8274-0010 rHu PDGF BB (Yeast) 10ug 421€ Details
AK8274-1000 rHu PDGF BB (Yeast) 1mg 6280€ Details
AK8253-0002 rHu PDGF-AA 2ug 195€ Details
AK8253-0010 rHu PDGF-AA 10ug 411€ Details
AK8253-0100 rHu PDGF-AA 100ug 987€ Details
AK8253-1000 rHu PDGF-AA 1mg 6005€ Details
AK8282-0002 rHu PDGF-AB 2ug 195€ Details
AK8282-0010 rHu PDGF-AB 10ug 411€ Details
AK8282-0100 rHu PDGF-AB 100ug 987€ Details
AK8282-1000 rHu PDGF-AB 1mg 6005€ Details
AK8292-0002 rHu PDGF-BB (E.Coli) 2ug 195€ Details
AK8292-0010 rHu PDGF-BB (E.Coli) 10ug 411€ Details
AK8292-0100 rHu PDGF-BB (E.Coli) 100ug 987€ Details
AK8292-1000 rHu PDGF-BB (E.Coli) 1mg 6005€ Details
AK9032-0020 rHu PEG-GCSF 20ug 421€ Details
AK9032-0100 rHu PEG-GCSF 100ug 1214€ Details
AK9032-1000 rHu PEG-GCSF 1mg 4594€ Details
AK9065-0005 rHu PF4 5ug 191€ Details
AK9065-0020 rHu PF4 20ug 366€ Details
AK9065-1000 rHu PF4 1mg 5013€ Details
AK9066-0002 rHu PLGF-1 2ug 191€ Details
AK9066-0010 rHu PLGF-1 10ug 365€ Details
AK9066-1000 rHu PLGF-1 1mg 11578€ Details
AK9067-0002 rHu PLGF-2 2ug 191€ Details
AK9067-0010 rHu PLGF-2 10ug 365€ Details
AK9067-1000 rHu PLGF-2 1mg 10789€ Details
AK9084-0002 rHu Procalcitonin 2ug 195€ Details
AK9084-0010 rHu Procalcitonin 10ug 411€ Details
AK9084-0100 rHu Procalcitonin 100ug 1249€ Details
AK9084-1000 rHu Procalcitonin 1mg 8218€ Details
AK8283-0002 rHu RANK-L 2ug 195€ Details
AK8283-0010 rHu RANK-L 10ug 411€ Details
AK8283-0100 rHu RANK-L 100ug 1249€ Details
AK8283-1000 rHu RANK-L 1mg 8218€ Details
AK8275-0005 rHu Rantes 5ug 195€ Details
AK8275-0020 rHu Rantes 20ug 411€ Details
AK8275-0100 rHu Rantes 100ug 987€ Details
AK8275-1000 rHu Rantes 1mg 4642€ Details
AK9085-0005 rHu Relm-beta 5ug 195€ Details
AK9085-0025 rHu Relm-beta 25ug 411€ Details
AK9085-0100 rHu Relm-beta 100ug 987€ Details
AK9085-1000 rHu Relm-beta 1mg 4642€ Details
AK9086-0005 rHu Restistin 5ug 195€ Details
AK9086-0025 rHu Restistin 25ug 411€ Details
AK9086-0100 rHu Restistin 100ug 1249€ Details
AK9086-1000 rHu Restistin 1mg 8218€ Details
AK8310-0002 rHu SCF 2ug 195€ Details
AK8310-0010 rHu SCF 10ug 411€ Details
AK8310-0100 rHu SCF 100ug 987€ Details
AK8310-1000 rHu SCF 1mg 4478€ Details
AK8318-0002 rHu SDF-1-alpha 2ug 195€ Details
AK8318-0010 rHu SDF-1-alpha 10ug 411€ Details
AK8318-0100 rHu SDF-1-alpha 100ug 987€ Details
AK8318-1000 rHu SDF-1-alpha 1mg 4642€ Details
AK9087-0002 rHu SDF-1-beta 2ug 195€ Details
AK9087-0010 rHu SDF-1-beta 10ug 411€ Details
AK9087-0100 rHu SDF-1-beta 100ug 987€ Details
AK9087-1000 rHu SDF-1-beta 1mg 4642€ Details
AK9088-0005 rHu SHH 5ug 191€ Details
AK9088-0025 rHu SHH 25ug 404€ Details
AK9088-0100 rHu SHH 100ug 961€ Details
AK9088-1000 rHu SHH 1mg 4303€ Details
AK8313-0002 rHu TGF-beta-3 2ug 191€ Details
AK8313-0010 rHu TGF-beta-3 10ug 404€ Details
AK8313-0100 rHu TGF-beta-3 100ug 1469€ Details
AK8313-1000 rHu TGF-beta-3 1mg 9544€ Details
AK9704-0005 rHu TGF-β1 5ug 195€ Details
AK9704-0100 rHu TGF-β1 100ug 3086€ Details
AK9704-1000 rHu TGF-β1 1mg 13017€ Details
AK8324-0010 rHu TNF-alpha 10ug 191€ Details
AK8324-0050 rHu TNF-alpha 50ug 404€ Details
AK8324-1000 rHu TNF-alpha 1mg 2010€ Details
AK9703-0005 rHu TNF-R-1 5ug 195€ Details
AK9703-0020 rHu TNF-R-1 20ug 404€ Details
AK9703-0100 rHu TNF-R-1 100ug 987€ Details
AK9703-1000 rHu TNF-R-1 1mg 8218€ Details
AK9089-0002 rHu TPO 2ug 195€ Details
AK9089-0010 rHu TPO 10ug 411€ Details
AK9089-0100 rHu TPO 100ug 1249€ Details
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