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E1569HuHuman Chlamydia trachomatis,CT ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1750HuHuman chlamydial protease-like activity factor,CPAF ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2891HuHuman Chloride Channel Accessory 1 (CLCA1)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1379HuHuman cholecystokinin octapeptide,CCK-8 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1357HuHuman cholecystokinin,CCK ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1515HuHuman cholest erolester transfer protein/lipid transfer protein,CETP/LTP ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1421HuHuman cholesterol,CH ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1360HuHuman Cholic acid,CA ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0822HuHuman choline acetylase,CHAc ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1420HuHuman choline phosphoglyceride,PC/CPG ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1348HuHuman cholyglycine,CG ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1895HuHuman chondroitin sulfate,CS ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1053HuHuman Chorionic Gonadotrophin β,β-CG ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1054HuHuman Chorionic Gonadotrophin,HCG ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2893HuHuman Chromobox Homolog 1 (CBX1)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2894HuHuman Chromobox Homolog 2 (CBX2)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2895HuHuman Chromobox Homolog 3 (CBX3)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1730HuHuman Chromogranin-A,CgA ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3371HuHuman Chromosome 19 open reading frame 80 (C19orf80) ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2896HuHuman Chymase 1, Mast Cell (CMA1)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1202HuHuman Ciliary Neurotrophic Factor,CNTF ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2897HuHuman Cingulin (CGN)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0349HuHuman circulating immune complex,CIC ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0705HuHuman Citrate synthase,CS ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2508HuHuman Citron (CIT)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3718HuHuman Citrulline(Citrulline)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0073HuHuman Clara cell protein,CC16 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2898HuHuman Clarin 1 (CLRN1)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2420HuHuman Clarin 3 (CLRN3)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2899HuHuman Claspin (CLSPN)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3569HuHuman Class E basic helix-loop-helix protein 41(BHLHE41)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1817HuHuman Clathrin light chain B,CLTB ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2300HuHuman Claudin 1 (CLDN1)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2308HuHuman Claudin 10 (CLDN10)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2309HuHuman Claudin 11 (CLDN11)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2310HuHuman Claudin 12 (CLDN12)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E1878Huhuman claudin 14,CLDN14 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2311HuHuman Claudin 15 (CLDN15)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2312HuHuman Claudin 16 (CLDN16)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2313HuHuman Claudin 17 (CLDN17)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2314HuHuman Claudin 19 (CLDN19)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2301HuHuman Claudin 2 (CLDN2)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2315HuHuman Claudin 20 (CLDN20)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2317HuHuman Claudin 22 (CLDN22)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2318HuHuman Claudin 23 (CLDN23)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2316HuHuman Claudin 24 (CLDN24)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2302HuHuman Claudin 3 (CLDN3)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2303HuHuman Claudin 5 (CLDN5)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2304HuHuman Claudin 6 (CLDN6)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2305HuHuman Claudin 7 (CLDN7)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2306HuHuman Claudin 8 (CLDN8)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2307HuHuman Claudin 9 (CLDN9)ELISA kit96T634€Details
E2465HuHuman Cleavage And Polyadenylation Specific Factor 1 (CPSF1)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2900HuHuman Clock Homolog (CLOCK)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3585HuHuman clonorchis sinensis (CS) antibody(IgG)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0309HuHuman cluster of differentiation 146,sCD146 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3269HuHuman Cluster of differentiation 19,CD19 ELISA Kit 96T634€Details
E0442HuHuman Cluster of differentiation 200(CD200)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2104HuHuman Cluster of differentiation 25,CD25 ELISA KIT96T634€Details
E3032HuHuman cluster of differentiation 26,CD26 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3033HuHuman cluster of differentiation 28,CD28 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0221HuHuman Cluster of differentiation 3,CD3 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0210HuHuman Cluster of differentiation 30,CD30 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3634HuHuman Cluster of differentiation 36(CD36)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3513HuHuman Cluster of differentiation 40 ligand(CD40L)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0238HuHuman cluster of differentiation 8,CD8 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3653HuHuman Cluster of Differentiation 8a(CD8a)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0222HuHuman Cluster of differentiation 98,CD98 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3688HuHuman cluster of differentiation(CD16)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3689HuHuman cluster of differentiation(CD56)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0219HuHuman cluster Of differentiation,CD34 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0286HuHuman cluster Of differentiation,CD4 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0239HuHuman cluster Of differentiation,CD44 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0283HuHuman cluster Of differentiation,CDl4 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1189HuHuman clusterin,CLU ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2902HuHuman Coactivator Activator (COAA)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2903HuHuman Coactosin Like Protein 1 (COTL1)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1171HuHuman coagulation factor Xa,FXa ELISA kit96T634€Details
E1116HuHuman coagulation factor Ⅱ,FⅡ ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1153HuHuman coagulation factor Ⅲ,FⅢ ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1145HuHuman coagulation factor Ⅶ,FⅦ ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1118HuHuman coagulation factor Ⅷ related antigen,FⅧ-Ag ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3723HuHuman coagulation factor Ⅷ(FⅧ)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1157HuHuman coagulation factor Ⅸ,FⅨ ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1185HuHuman coagulation factor Ⅹ,FⅩ ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1154HuHuman coagulation factor ⅩⅢ,FⅩⅢ ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1152HuHuman coagulation factor Ⅻ,FⅫ ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0164HuHuman Cobra venom neuronal protective factor,CVNPF ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2904HuHuman Cochlin (COCH)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3164HuHuman Coenzyme Q10 (CoQ10)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2905HuHuman Coenzyme Q10 Homolog B (COQ10B)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E0683HuHuman cofilin-2,CFL2 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2469HuHuman Coiled Coil Domain Containing Protein 3 (CCDC3)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2470HuHuman Coiled Coil Domain Containing Protein 80 (CCDC80)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E2906HuHuman Cold Shock Domain Containing Protein E1, RNA Binding (CSDE1)ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E1746Huhuman colicin ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3138HuHuman Coll2-1 ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3220HuHuman Collagen alpha-1(IV) chain,COL4A1/Collagen IV ELISA Kit96T634€Details
E3192HuHuman Collagen alpha-1(XVIII) chain,COL18A1 ELISA kit96T634€Details
E0561HuHuman Collagen autoantibody,CLA ELISA Kit96T634€Details
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