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E0081RaRat Toll-like receptor 3,TLR3 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0082RaRat Toll-like receptor 9,TLR-9 ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0856RaRat Tomoregulin-1(TMEFF1)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0857RaRat Tomoregulin-2(TMEFF2)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1314RaRat Topoisomerase Ⅱ(TOP2)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0785RaRat Total bile acide,TBA ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1275RaRat total Procollagen Type I Intact N-terminal Propeptide(total-P1NP)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1235RaRat total Tau Proteins(tτ)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1164RaRat Total Testosteron,Total-T ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0996RaRat Transcription factor 4,TCF-4 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0991RaRat Transferrin receptor protein 2,TFR2 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0782RaRat transferrin receptor,TFR ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0656RaRat Transferrin(TRF)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0777RaRat transforming growth factor α,TGF-α ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0778RaRat Transforming Growth factor β,TGF-β ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0779RaRat Transforming Growth factor β1,TGF-β1 ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0781RaRat transforming growth factor-beta-stimulated Protein clone-22,TSC22 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0780RaRat transforming growth factorsβ2,TGFβ2 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1118RaRat Transglutaminase-3,TGM3 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1350RaRat Transient receptor protein 6(TRPC6)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0295RaRat Transthyretin,TTR ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0534RaRat Tri-iodothyronine,T3 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0578RaRat Triggering Receptor Expresses on Myeloid Cells-1,TREM-1 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0249RaRat Triglyceride,TG ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0925RaRat Troponin I, fast skeletal muscle(TNNI2) ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0923RaRat Troponin T, slow skeletal muscle(TNNT1) ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0924RaRat Troponin T, slow skeletal muscle(TNNT3) ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0305RaRat Troponin Ⅰ,Tn-Ⅰ ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0705RaRat trypsin ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0706RaRat trypsinogen activation peptide,TAP ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0427RaRat tryptase,TPS ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1291RaRat tumor necrosis factor receptor 2,TNF-R2 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1175RaRat Tumor necrosis factor receptor superfamily member 4,Tnfrsf4/Ox40 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0766RaRat Tumor necrosis factor soluble receptor Ⅰ,TNFsR-Ⅰ ELISA KIT96T721€Details
E0767RaRat Tumor necrosis factor soluble receptor Ⅱ,TNFsR-Ⅱ ELISA KIT96T721€Details
E0764RaRat Tumor necrosis factor α,TNF-α ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0765RaRat Tumor necrosis factor β,TNF-β ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1266RaRat Tumor necrosis factor γ(TNF-γ)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0771RaRat Tumor Specific Growth Facter/tumor supplied group of factor,TSGF ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1095RaRat Tumour necrosis factor related weak inducer of apoptosis,TWEAK ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1309RaRat typeⅠ procollagen(PC I)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1316RaRat Tyrosine Hydroxylase(TH)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0425RaRat tyrosine kinase B,trk B ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0670RaRat tyrosine kinase with immunoglobulin-like and EGF-like domains 1,Tie1 ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0286RaRat tyrosine kinase with immunoglobulin-like and EGF-like domains 2,Tie-2 ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0671RaRat tyrosine kinase with immunoglobulin-like and EGF-like domains 2,Tie2 ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0227RaRat Ubiquitin,Ub ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1231RaRat UDP-glucumno-syltransferase 1(UGT1)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0253RaRat ultrasensitive thyroid-stimulating hormone,U-TSH ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0256RaRat Ultrasensitivity Tri-iodothyronine,u-T3 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0957RaRat Undercarboxylated Osteocalcin (ucOC) ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0480RaRat Urea elisa kit96T721€Details
E1024RaRat Urocortin-2,UCN2/SRP LISA Kit96T721€Details
E0478RaRat urokinase plasminogen activator,uPA ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0477RaRat urokinase,UK ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0479RaRat Urokinase-type Plasminogen Activator Receptor,PLAUR/uPAR ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0824RaRat Vaccinia Related Kinase 1 (VRK1)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1182RaRat Vanillylmandelic acid(VMA)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0466RaRat Vascular adhesion protein-1,VAP-1/AOC3 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0665RaRat Vascular cell adhesion molecule 1,VCAM-1 ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0940RaRat Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor A,VEGF-A ELISA KIT96T721€Details
E0660RaRat Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor B,VEGF-B ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0661RaRat Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor C,VEGF-C ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0662RaRat Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor D,VEGF-D ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0659RaRat Vascular Endothelial cell Growth Factor,VEGF ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0664RaRat Vascuoar endothelial cell growth factor receptor 2,VEGFR-2/Flt1 ELISA kit96T721€Details
E0171RaRat very late appearing antigen ,VLA ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0172RaRat very late appearing antigen 4,VLA4 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0610RaRat Vitamin B12,VB12 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0611RaRat Vitamin B6,VB6 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0616RaRat Vitamin D-binding protein,DBP ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0614RaRat Vitamin D2,VD2 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0618RaRat Vitamin K1,VK1 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0675RaRat von Willebrand Factor cleaving protease,ADAMTS-13/vWF-cp ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0674RaRat von Willebrand Factor,vWF ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0083RaRat X-linked inhibitor of apoptosis protein,XIAP ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1224RaRat Xaa-Pro Dipeptidase/Prolidase(PEPD)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1263RaRat Xanthine Oxidase(XOD)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0783RaRat Zinc finger CCCH domain-containing protein 15,ZC3H15 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0908RaRat Zinc finger E-box-binding homeobox 1 ,ZEB1 ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0849RaRat Zinc Ribbon Domain Containing Protein 1 (ZNRD1)ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0644RaRat Zn-Metallothionein,Zn-MT ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1151RaRat α-Amylase,AMS/AMY ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0089RaRat α-Glucosidase,a-Glu ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0088RaRat α-glutathione S-transferases,α-GST ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0084RaRat α1-Acid glycoprotein,α1-AGP ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0085RaRat α1-microglobulin,α1-MG ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E1153RaRat β-catenin,β-cat ELISA Kit 96T721€Details
E0094RaRat β-Defensins,β-DF ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0495RaRat β-glucuronidase,βGD ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0090RaRat β2-glycoprotein 1 antibody IgA/G/M,β2-GP1 IgA/G/M ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0035RaRat β2-microglobulin,BMG/β2-MG ELISA Kit96T721€Details
E0003SLSea Lion Cortisol(COR) ELISA Kit96T822€Details
E0002SLSea Lion Progesterone,PROG ELISA Kit96T822€Details
E0001SLSea Lion Testosterone,T ELISA Kit96T822€Details
E0003ShShark Cortisol(COR) ELISA Kit96T822€Details
E0002ShShark Progesterone,PROG ELISA Kit96T822€Details
E0072ShSheep 13,14-dihydro-15-keto-prostaglandin F2-alpha(PGFM)ELISA Kit96T764€Details
E0016ShSheep 17-Hydroxyprogesterone,17-OHP ELISA Kit96T764€Details
E0000ShSheep 4-Hydroxynonenal,4HNE ELISA Kit96T764€Details
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