Sterile filtered Rhesus monkey plasma with heparin, 0.2 micron

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Sterile filtered Rhesus monkey plasma with heparin, 0.2 micron
50 ml
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Rhesus Monkeys proteins are often measured by ELISA on serum or plasma since consensus epitopes with the human ELISA are used for producing the antibodies of these ELISA test kits. Often cDNA of monkeys is used as alternative to human cDNA as a model for drug development. Monkeys are generally considered to be intelligent, particularly Old World monkeys.This 1 has passed a sterilization (or sterilization) by filtration or inactivation that has eliminated (removed) or killed (deactivated) all forms of DNA, RNA and enzymes. Also life and other biological agents (such as viruses which some do not consider to be alive but are biological pathogens nonetheless), excluding prions which cannot be killed, including transmissible agents (such as fungi, bacteria, viruses, prions, spore forms, unicellular eukaryotic organisms such as Plasmodium, etc.) present in a specified reagent or on a surface, a volume of fluid, or in a compound such as biological culture medias filtered. Sterilization was achieved with one or more of the following heat, chemicals, irradiation, high pressure, and filtration. Sterilization is distinct from disinfection, sanitization, and pasteurization in that sterilization kills, deactivates, or eliminates all forms of life and other biological agents.
Monkeys like rhesus's or the rhesus macaque (Macaca mulatta) are the most used apes in laboraty models.
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